Yaz Lawsuit

Yaz LawsuitThe YAZ Birth Control Pill Lawsiuts

The use of the YAZ birth control pill in the United States of America has led to many patients filing a Yaz lawsuit against the manufacturer (Bayer Pharmaceuticals in Germany). To date, thousands of patients have succumbed to its side effects while on medication without getting justice and the real cause of death.

Side effects of Using YAZ pills include;

  • Stoke
  •  Frequent Blood clots
  •  Hypertensions

Yaz Lawsuits

Patients who suffer and those adversely affected by the use of YAZ birth control pills, not forgetting their family members are eligible to filing YAZ Lawsuits in order to lodge claims for compensation against the side effects, bodily harm and disorders inflicted by the use of the drug. On setting up the US Food and Drug Administration, this has given patients an opportunity for a fair trial and judgment in court, through enforcing by laws, policies and consumer insight programs that foster a humane healthy environment.

The Yaz lawsuits have grown rapidly and immensely, through advertisements, roadshows, TV programs and various Non-Governmental Organizations which have also engaged in day to day campaigns to bring to the attention the side effects of the YAZ birth control Pills and the ways of finding justice.

It’s therefore our humble advice that we are eligible to help these patients who have become desperate suffering from depression, mischief and pain on and after administering these pills.

Smoking and YAZ Birth Control pills

Most women who smoke have high levels and increased chances of chronic heart disorders during the use of the drug with more adverse side effects to follow upon prolonged use; this has therefore led to the enforcement of compensation schemes on expenditures incurred and the trauma of its side effects.

Yaz Lawsuit Claims

It’s quite advise able to file a law suit after administering the use of YAZ birth control pills after prescriptions on following fake advertisements that do not tell the victims of its side effects which in the end endanger the life’s of innocent young mothers exposing them dangerous side effects unknowingly, many therefore experience high blood clots that affect there cardiovascular system.

Through these YAZ lawsuits the Pharmaceutical Companies are to be found eligible of failure to do enough research and putting the life of mothers without cautioning them of the repercussions of using the drugs.

Complications of using YAZ birth control pill include;

  • Thrombosis (A disorder associated with blood clots in the leg region)
  • Heart attacks caused through secretion of high levels of potassium in the body
  • Pulmonary embolism (Blockage of air passages in the lungs)
  • Stoke and gall bladder diseases
  • Some patients have also suffered sudden death after and during administering this YAZ birth Control pills

Patients having serious health problems can go for legal action/redress today through filling YAZ lawsuits, with the state of the art lawyers readily available to help victims and patients , with their families desperate to find justice in trusting a qualified lawyer for this types of cases. With such desirable experience in engaging large Drug manufacturing companies like Bayer to give a fair judgment and compensation on serious conditions.

Manufacturers are 100% responsible for assuring patients are warned of the advantages and side effects of using drugs thought advertisements and prescriptions, therefore if you would like to see if they’re eligible for a lawsuit, to fill out our form to begin the process and you feel affected by the use of YAZ Birth control pills you have the opportunity to fill our form here below for our further action.

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