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Yaz Lawyer Bayer Pharmaceuticals grossly violated the rights of young and active women when they authenticated the sales of their dysfunctional birth control pill Yaz. The drug is responsible for the occurrence of numerous side effects and the affected individuals are seeking compensation from the manufacturer.

You can also file for litigation through a Yaz lawyer with us

A Yaz lawsuit against Bayer compelling them to allocate the claimant her due settlement is in itself a big step towards self preservation. The Yaz lawyer will enable you to bag the compensation and the money acquired can then be used to cover medical fees and cater for other domestic needs; Bayer has also been directed to provide caution money to cater for any medical condition(s) that can occur in future due to the consumption of Yaz.

The functions of a Yaz lawyer and how he/she works towards possibly securing your compensation

Upon contacting us, the Yaz lawyer attached to you will work towards building your case by first conversing personally with you and explaining in detail the various possible outcomes of your lawsuit. By ascertaining that you lawsuit is viable in court and has the possibility of securing a settlement, the next and most crucial step commences; the assembly of compelling evidence against Bayer.

This evidence is in the form of a medical report which should be compiled by a certified medical professional. The serious side effects attributed to Yaz should feature majorly in the lawsuit; this is done in an effort to sway the presiding Judge to the claimant’s side. The serious Yaz  side effects are dangerous and life threatening and are thus treated with an urgency. The Judge understands that the claimant is in dire need of the compensation in order to cater for the arising medical effects. Your Yaz lawyer will be of great assistance through legal representation and also constant counsel to ensure that you remain in a healthy state.

Ours is not just the settling of cases but also the creation of awareness about the Serious Yaz side effects

Our firm prides itself in civically educating individuals on the side effects resulting from the use of Yaz. The serious Yaz side effects are the best bet in seeking compensation and they are comprised of;

The formation of blood clots

Drospirenone, the chemical present in Yaz, is notorious for inducing the formation of blood clots within the major blood vessels. These blood clots later lead to the occurrence of other serious Yaz side effects which are discussed below.


A blood clot present in the brain or an area adjacent to it is a bad recipe for a normally functioning body. The limitation of fresh blood to the brain causes some of the cells to die and this can inhibit functions like movement of the limbs.

Heart attack

When a blood clot blocks off the blood vessels transporting blood to the heart, the heart becomes prone to an attack. This side effect can win compensation.

Pulmonary embolism

This is a condition in which the arteries leading blood to the lungs get blocked by blood clots and this greatly reduces the capacity of blood to transport oxygen to the body cells.


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