Yaz Side Effects

The Side Effects Linked To Yaz

Yaz birth control pill has turned out to be a source of pain and agony to those who consume it; it is causing very serious Yaz side effects related to blood clot injuries. As a result, the thousands of young women who had resorted to taking this pill are suffering immensely. Their blossoming lives are being slowed down and ruined by this malfunctioned birth control pill.

Yaz side effects are life threatening and all those suffering from them should seek medical intervention and thereafter file a lawsuit against the manufacturers; formulating a harmful drug is a crime on its own, going ahead to persuasively advertise and praise it makes it intolerable.


Yaz-Side-EffectsWhat side effects do I need to be concerned about after taking Yaz?


Yaz side effects are categorized into serious side effects and mild side effects; both of these categories pose certain health dangers but the former is at an elevated level altogether.


Mild Yaz side effects

These side effects are not life threatening per say; they must be taken seriously though as they later develop into serious side effects. The female victims experience irregular menstrual periods which may sometimes too long; this means a lot of blood loss to them. Their breasts become unusually tender and painful as well. Many of the Yaz consumers have complained of throbbing headaches and limitless nausea; quite predictably, nausea may lead to vomiting for some of them. The most worrying mild side effect is the heavy vaginal bleeding (non-menstrual).

Serious Yaz side effects

The side effects termed as serious Yaz side effects are induced by the presence of blood clots in the blood. These blood clots are caused by the Drospirenone chemical which is notorious for the vice; this in essence makes Yaz the most dangerous birth control pill in its category. Upon noting that you are experiencing these serious side effects, you would best seek medical attention before seeking the all important  Yaz Lawsuit litigation. The serious side effects are;

Heart attack

When a blood clot dislodges from its original positioned and travels through blood towards the heart, it can cause immense damage by blocking the arteries leading to and from the heart thereby building immense pressure on the heart. The end result would be a heart attack which might be fatal.

Pulmonary embolism

This side effect makes the distribution of oxygen throughout the body cells an uphill task. The blood clots in the pulmonary arteries blocks off the free flow of blood thereby creating a dangerous situation. The results can be debilitating.


The brain is the most vital body organ; any undue pressure and damage to it can rapidly alter the order of things in the affected individual’s body. Upon consuming Yaz over a lengthy time, young women are prone to succumbing to this side effect. A blood clot might position itself inside or adjacent to the brain inside the blood vessels that transport blood to the brain. This leads to the cell necrosis inside the brain; such an eventuation immediately inhibits the execution of some body functions i.e. mobility.

If you have suffered from the above Yaz side effects, kindly contact our Yaz Lawyers and together we will work towards acquiring your reimbursement from Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

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